While roaming the streets of Seoul it’s impossible to miss. Besides the bright lights, restaurants and cars there is more that meets the eye. Couples wearing matching clothes walking hand in hand in the busy streets of Gangnam, Myeong-Dong and Itaewon. Now the dating game is a tough one to play but it seems that apparently a lot of young people in Seoul are winning and found their significant other.

In Korea studying is very important. The youth studies hard to be able to go to a university. 87.7% of female and 85.3% of male high school graduates go to a university which is among the highest rate in the OECD. A lot of K-drama’s involve romantic relationships while the characters are university students. A lot of students want that kind of love and find someone during their study period to portray a relationship like in the dramas. Going on dates to parks near the university, to karaoke, a pub or café. DVD rooms, board game rooms, amusement parks, you name it. Seoul is filled with great places to have dates and even more national love themed holidays every 14th of the month.

Submissive and cute

When you’re in a relationship the man is mostly the dominant one. With this I mean a hetero-sexual relationship. Since Korea is still very taboo about same gender relationships. The girl is usually the submissive one. As I walked the streets of Gangnam my eyes fell on a couple they were wearing the same jacket, the same cap, the same pants and the same shoes. The girl was very short and the guy pretty tall. She had her arm around him and tip toed as she told him something. His answer: “Shiro!” (meaning ‘I hate it’ in Korean). She pulled his arm and whined “Ah, Wae?!” (meaning ‘ah why?’). It was adorable as he laughed and gave in anyway. I spoke to Yuseon (26) a university graduate who explained that the girl is supposed to be cute and submissive towards her boyfriend, but that not every relationship is like that nowadays, and that girls become bolder with time.

University love story

Minzy Kim (23) is still a student and admits that most people want to have a love story during their time of being a university student. Or they see many other couples and don’t want to feel left out. They’ll and meet a lot of people just to find a boyfriend. Personally, she finds that university couples are very cheesy. “Love is still hard to find and eventually the university love story ends.”she says. Heeyea Kim (26) claims relationships are different depending on who you are. “Some people date really early in their life even before university and just date several people until they find someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with. There are also people who turn 26, never having dated anyone before.”

Responsibility of a man

“The man automatically feels like he has to take care of you. You realize this even when you’re dating. He texts you a lot asking: If you ate well, if you’re doing all right and God forbid you have a cold because, he will do anything to make you feel better. Eventually if things get serious you get married. you as a woman will stop working and he will provide for you and your kids so finding a successful man or someone able to take care of you, is very important.” Says Heeyea. Young men have that pressure. They need to work hard and find a good job to be able to provide for their future family. Heechul (27) university graduate agrees. “Buying a house is a man’s responsibility although these days some couples buy a house together but mostly it’s a man’s burden. While you date as a man you pick up the checks and spoil your girlfriend, It’s normal.”