Carolina: “In augustus vorig jaar hebben ze voor het eerst in IJsland een H&M geopend”


“Today, 26th of August, shoppers eagerly awaited the moment when H&M – one of the world’s largest fashion retailers – opened its doors to the general public for the very first time in Iceland, at Smáralind Shopping Centre. In just a few minutes the store was filled with over 700 people. 26 AUG, 2017”

Icelandmonitor: “It has been announced that Swedish retail-clothing giant H&M will be opening at two locations in Iceland from 2017, in a move which is expected to transform the Icelandic market.”

Fact: Klopt

In de zestiende eeuw werd in IJsland de lutherse religie opgedrongen (uit interview Bjarni)

Bjarni: “Pas in de zestiende eeuw, toen de lutherse religie werd opgedrongen, verdwenen deze plekken.”

World council of churches: “Some violence and a measure of danish pressure accompanied the althingi’s adoption in 1541 of the lutheran church order.”

Brittanica website: “The protestant reformation was brought to iceland by christian iii, king of norway and denmark (1534–59), who gradually overcame the icelandic people’s resistance and by 1550 had established lutheranism as the official religion.”

Fact: Klopt

Veel mensen verhuren appartementen in de zomer als Airbnb. In het centrum (van Reykjavik) wonen eigenlijk geen IJslanders meer.

The Guardian: “Now, as the building of hotels struggles to keep pace with tourism growth, many Icelanders are cashing in through Airbnb and other short-term rental websites, especially in central Reykjavík, where the majority of tourists stay.

One report estimates a 124% increase in Airbnb rentals in one year, with more than 100 flats available on the capital’s main street alone. The result has been a dramatic increase in house prices in central Reykjavík, and a paucity of long-term rentals.”

Fact: Klopt ongeveer.

De achterliggende gedachte, namelijk dat de enorme hoeveelheid toeristen ene grote impact op Reykjavik hebben, klopt. Of er echt helemaal geen IJslanders meer in Reykjavik wonen kon niet gevonden worden.