Bryan Mercier is a Catholic Apologist and is against abortion. After the referendum that took place in Ireland on May 2018, abortion will get legal in Ireland in the beginning of 2019. These are his thoughts on this change.

Written by Carlijn van de Ven

“The biggest thing that will change is many innocent human lives that will be lost and not have a chance to live”, says Bryan. “I can give an example. In the United States there are about 1.2 million babies aborted every year. That is roughly 4000 babies every single day. I think this will probably happen in Ireland too.”

“We are literally wiping out an entire generation of people. It creates a society of convenience.”

Culture change

The abortion-law is changing next year, which means a women can get an abortion until she’s twelve weeks pregnant. After those weeks it’s only allowed when a woman or baby is in life danger. “We have to remember that the law is an educator. Or it should be. In other words, laws tell us what is right and what is wrong.” Bryan also thinks changing the law to say that killing an unborn child is acceptable, will change and decline the morality of a culture.

Hook-up culture
Bryan continues: “Getting someone pregnant without being married is a consequence that nobody really wants. However, if you have the opportunity to kill the child inside of the womb and remove the ‘problem’, it not only creates a hook-up culture of sexual permissiveness which always comes with diseases and abortions on demand. It also becomes a cyclical pattern that doesn’t help to create love but most often hurts and even kills love.”