So, we just came back after a long first day in Athens. Today we went to the University to meet Armando, a guy we met on the internet. He is a student at the University of West Attica which is half an hour away from the center of Athens.

As soon as we arrived at the University Umu and I looked at each other wondering if this is really a University. When we entered the building we saw the benches in the hallway are made of stone and there were a lot of students walking around. We went to the library and we found Armando, it was quite noisy inside so we went outside to ask him some questions. When we finished the interview we were planning on leaving the building and maybe talk to some other students.

As soon as we left the building we ran into Xristos and Manos, two students who found what we were doing interesting. After convincing Xristos his English is good enough to understand we could ask him some questions about the crisis as well. The interview was done but we stood there with the two boys for half an hour and just talk about The Netherlands, school and other stuff. Manos doesn’t speak English very well but he tried! So he just random inserts football clubs into the conversation which was really funny. Because we were standing with Xristos and Manos a few other people joined us and we got to interview some more people which was really interesting. So after thanking everyone for their time we went back to the hotel.

I think that I can say today was a success! Also, we let Xristos and Manos record a video of them saying something in Greek, can you guess what they’re saying? Read our blog tomorrow to find out!