While we are here one thing really catches our attention. When we wake up the first thing we notice are people yelling in Greek about fruit and other things. Not that weird if I tell you we stay above a market. When I open the blinds I see a lot of people walking down the street, people standing behind stands filled with fruit, fish, nuts and even guitars and other instruments. It’s really impressive. Everyday the market starts at seven in the morning and it closes somewhere around seven in the evening.

Umu and I decided to walk past the stands, from every side people start talking to us trying to sell stuff. It’s clear to them that we aren’t Greek people so they shout some random English words trying to convince us to buy ‘real handmade Greek products.’

We went more into the center of Athens to see the difference between the market and the other stores. One of the biggest differences between the market and the stores is the way they talk. In the stores almost everyone speaks English very well and they could really help us with what we were looking for.

After being in the city center for a while we walked further and we ended up in a very touristic street in Athens. Both sides of the street have tourist shops which basically contains everything that has something to do with Athens.

We went back to the hotel so we walked past the market again, everyone was still standing behind the stands trying to sell the things they have.

Yesterday we ask you to guess what Xristos and Manos said in Greek, this is the answer: Hello people from Holland, we are from Greece and we are sending our kisses to the girls in Europe and especially Holland. Here in Greece you’ll find the best boys.

See you tomorrow!