As you may know Greece is in a financial problem for about eight years, since a few months they stopped getting money support by Europe so for economical terms they are out of the crisis.

Everyone we talk to here says that’s not true, if you look at the streets and the people here you can see they are still in the crisis. Someone told us it may seem like they are out of the crisis because everyone is used to it, they are used to not being able to spend every euro they have. They are used to not earning much money. They are used to not being able to go out every night and if they do go out they are used to drinking one drink and not more.

Also the crisis started eight years ago so a lot of students right know grew up during the crisis so they don’t know more then saving money and not spend it.

When Umu and I where walking down the streets of Athens we came across a building where people where standing with a big sign. They are demonstrating for more employees, the sign literally says ‘We don’t work until you find a solution to the problem.’ So they don’t have enough employees for that company and they are striking until there are more employees. That also shows that the problems here aren’t solved yet.

Also, we have a new video for you guys from Marianna who is a Greek student in Athens. Can you guess what she is saying? Read our blog tomorrow to find out!