17th of November. This is a very special day for the Greece people. Let me give you some information before talking to much about today.

Before Greece became a democracy they were under control by the dictatorial rule of the military. The United States praised this as the best thing that ever happened to Greece. The junta controlled everything, they also interfered with student syndicalism by banning student elections in universities. At this point there were anti-junta segments among the students. There were a few big protest and actions against the junta but the biggest one was in November 1973.

November 14, students start locking themselves up in a radio station repeating the same message all day long to the city Polytechneion here! People of Greece, the Polytechneion is the flag bearer of our struggle and your struggle, our common struggle against the dictatorship and for democracy!” Thousands of students and workers joined the protest from the Polytechneion which is the most prestigious university for engineering.

This protest went on till on the 17th of November when the junta sent a tank to Polytechneion, this tank crashed into the building, 24 people died because of this action and hundreds were left injured during these actions. Every year on the 17th of November students and workers go out on the streets again to protest against America and the junta.

This is why we had to stay inside the hotel today, we were in doubt if we should be at the protest because it’s a really big thing and the story behind it is really interesting. But almost everyone we talk to about this subject is holding us back and is telling us that it can become to dangerous for us to be there. It almost seems like the people are a bit scared to talk about November 17. That’s why we decided to not go outside but just talk to people about this.

We only went outside for five minutes to check if there was anything we could see about the protest. The only thing we saw was one street closed down by policeman.

Yesterday we posted a video of Marianna saying something in Greek. The right answer to the question what she is saying is: As you can see the weather is always great in Greece. We never feel cold! (Which is sarcasm because it was 8 degrees celsius when we recorded that.)