Student organization Szabad Egyetem was born last year, in response of the government’s decision to not sign a deal which allowed university CEU to stay in Hungary. In 2017 the parliament square was filled up with 80.000 protesting Hungarians, defining the university.

After the protests for  CEU, the organization also wanted to support the protests which were going on because of the slave law. Szabad Egyetem tries to bring these workers, teacher and students (protesters) together.

Unfortunately, a lot of people felt defeated after the big protests for CEU, because nothing happened. Szabad Egyetem thinks that is the reason why there were a lot less protesters when the slave law was enforced: ‘People feel resigned.’

In this video Szabad Egyetem explains what they want to achieve with their movement and the current situation. We also speak with Milán, a young activist, who sees a lot of young people leaving the country.